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Company History

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Since 1910, O.W. and B.S. Look Company has operated at Old House Point in Jonesport, Maine. Sea captains and brothers Oscar W. and Bert S. Look originally began selling groceries, general goods, and marine supplies to the townspeople and local fishermen. During the early years, they began purchasing the daily seafood catches the mighty Atlantic so graciously had to offer. Little did the brothers realize that seafood, especially lobster, would become so desired for dining room tables across America, and eventually the world. Look Lobster Co. has provided marine services and quality lobster for over 100 years and is the oldest lobster supplier in America's seafood market. Currently, the company has four locations along the Maine Coast. 

Today, the fifth-generation company is operated by Oscar's grandson, Bert Sidney, and great-grandson, William "Bimbo" Look, still in the same building, on the same wharf that catches the same cool chill that blows off Jonesport's Moosabec Reach. The company currently sells wholesale and retail seafood, provides cold storage trucking services, retails commercial fishermen's bait, and serves as one of many sites to Acadian Seaplants Limited rockweed harvesting. 

Authored by Tasha Look